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OmniX migrated from IPFS to Irys to empower their users to have true NFT ownership

OmniX migrated from IPFS to Irys to empower their users to have true NFT ownership

April 3, 2024


OmniX migrated their NFT collections from IPFS/Pinata to Irys and achieved:

  • 74% reduction in costs
  • Guaranteed onchain permanence
  • Crypto-native payments
  • Peace of mind

About OmniX

OmniX is the first omni-chain NFT launchpad. They help launch NFT collections powered by the LayerZero protocol that can migrate between multiple blockchains.

Challenges with IPFS/Pinata

When OmniX launched, they chose IPFS/Pinata to store NFT metadata and images, mainly due to their familiarity with the two protocols.

When working with IPFS, you “pin” data to prevent it from being deleted. OmniX used the Pinata pinning service, which charges a monthly fee. At each tier of their payment plan, there are limits to how much data you can store and how much you can serve. OmniX found the read data limits very restrictive; reaching a certain threshold caused IPFS/Pinata to stop serving the metadata files, effectively "bricking" the collections.

OmniX turned to Irys and our pay-once, store-forever payment model to streamline their operations. When you use Irys, you pay a flat fee based on the number of bytes uploaded. When downloading data through our gateway, there are no rate limits or caps on how much data you can request.

Guaranteeing NFT permanence

The move to Irys was about more than streamlining operations. Our guaranteed permanent data also attracted OmniX. For Daniel Koshman (@Boobavelli), OmniX’s founder and CEO, it was essential to “empower users to have full ownership of their NFTs.” For that to happen, they needed to store NFTs on a platform that guaranteed permanence.

Solution: Switching to Irys

When OmniX reached out and expressed interest in migrating to Irys, we immediately set up a private Telegram group that gave them direct access to our Founder, Lead Engineer, and Developer Relations Lead. We provided them with the code they needed to migrate and offered them hands-on assistance to complete everything quickly.

Crypto-native payments

Another reason OmniX chose Irys is for its crypto-native payment system. Irys accepts most popular tokens as payment, making it easy for crypto-native companies to interact with the protocol. IPFS/Pinata only supports credit card payment, adding extra friction for crypto-native companies.


OmniX’s switch to Irys ultimately brought them peace of mind and allowed them to focus on scaling their business without worrying about storage costs or performance issues. Daniel summed up the experience by saying: “The pay-once and store-forever approach that Irys takes is way better. IPFS charged us $500 monthly and would spaz out every two weeks because we had a lot of read requests. Irys charged us $130 to upload 35 gigabytes worth of data, which will be available forever with unlimited read requests.”

If you are ready to onboard or migrate over, contact us on Discord, Telegram, or via email – we are ready to support you!

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