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Media kit

Please follow these guidelines when promoting Irys in all marketing communications. These include advertising, articles, websites, and printed promotions. Thank you!

Brand guidelines


As a fusion of timeless 60s design and modern minimalism, the Irys logo embodies our unconstrained commitment to permanence and precision. Familiar yet new, it defies trends to stand as a symbol of our lasting impact in the digital age.

Color variations

Common errors

Do not squash, strech or manipulate the logo in any way.

Do not apply shadows or change the color to unauthorized pairings.

Do not reduce the opacity in any way. Ensure high contrast.

Do not encroach with any other copy. Use the clear space guidelines.

Primary colors

Black #000000
Seashell #FEF4EE
Light Periwinkle #D3D9EF

Asset downloads


Logo white

Logo black

Icon White

Icon Black

Press inquiries

Please direct all inquiries to and