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Social media

With Irys, Social media dApps can permanently store their content onchain, making it censorship-resistant. Social media dApps on Irys can also accommodate transactions on par with Web2 behemoths without any compromises on performance.

Example: Lens Protocol


Irys can be used to store any type of audio onchain, permanently. This enables true ownership. It also means that creators can be guaranteed a share of future revenues from the sale of their work.

Data retrieval on Irys is free and currently unlimited, allowing for performant and affordable streaming.



With Irys, you can permanently store videos onchain. Plus, viewing videos on Irys is free and limitless. Creators can also monetize their videos more easily as Irys can guarantee a share of future revenues from the sale of their work.

Example: Tape


Irys enables you to permanently store images onchain at an affordable price. There are no limits on how many images you can upload. And, these images can be viewed instantly for free too.

Example: Metaplex


Store onchain identities permanently and at scale via Irys. These identities come with strong provenance, which guarantees the integrity of these identities. It also enables the precise attribution of any metadata.

Example: CyberConnect


Irys enables the creation of onchain games that are both performant and scalable. Not only does this include in-game assets – such as tokens and NFTs – but also data associated with games. This data can also be instantly uploaded and retrieved during gameplay. With Irys, games no longer need to compromise user experience to stay onchain.

Example: Crypto Unicorns

Data archiving

Irys enables you to permanently store data onchain without fear of censorship. Plus, you only have to pay once to store forever. Strong provenance on Irys enables limitless data attribution, making it simple to search archived data. Irys enables the preservation of history, forever.

Example: KYVE

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