Bundlr is now Irys 🎉 Read the full announcement here
Bundlr is now Irys

Bundlr is now Irys

October 5, 2023


Bundlr has evolved into Irys. This evolution symbolizes our position as the only provenance layer and a witness for humanity. Learn more about our mission, vision, network principles, and updated logo.

Bundlr is now Irys 👁️

Until now, we have been known as a scaling solution for Arweave.

The name Bundlr reinforced this idea. We ‘bundled’ transactions before posting them, helping scale the throughput of Arweave’s permanent data.

When Arweave hit over one billion transactions, over 80% of them happened on Bundlr. In fact, we recently crossed one billion transactions too. We have successfully unlocked permanent data at scale.

Scalable permanent data will serve as the foundation as we embark on resolving an issue that poses an existential threat to society: the lack of accountability in information.

Cyberspace is broken. The rise of misinformation continues unabated. Coupled with the breakneck advancements in AI, it is evident that the spread of inaccurate information will only accelerate.

We are uniquely positioned to counter the misinformation crisis for a simple reason: we are the only provenance layer.

Recognizing the existential threat that misinformation poses to society and the unique position our technology places us in, we are updating our mission to reflect the natural evolution of our work: we will scale access to strong provenance by empowering builders to accelerate its adoption.

Data with strong provenance is permanent, precise, and unconstrained. With it, data's origin is traceable and verifiable. Strong provenance is the key ingredient required to incorporate accountability into information.

Irys serves as an unbiased ledger of credibility, where data comes with attributes that attest to their trustworthiness.

We envision a world in which Irys stands as a witness for humanity.

By harnessing our provenance layer, we will forge a future where trust reigns, transparency is the norm, and misinformation becomes a tale of the past.

With our new ethos, we found the name Bundlr too narrow. It captured one of our core functions; but, not the full breadth of our work or our aspirations for the future. It was essential for us to grow into a name that wholly represented us. Thus, Irys was born.

The resemblance to the word ‘iris’ is a nod towards our vision to be the eye or, rather, witness for humanity. Irys represents our resolve to challenge the status quo. It reflects our calling to alter the lack of accountability built into data today.

Accountability through strong provenance

To understand how Irys introduces accountability into data, it is necessary to understand provenance.

Provenance is the trail of documentation that accounts for the origin of a piece of data, which encompasses any form of attribution or labeling of the data. Provenance does not necessarily claim categorical truth or social consensus but acts as a record or attestation of some knowledge. With a credibly neutral record of history, individuals and groups can make better decisions based on verifiably accurate information.

Provenance incorporates accountability into information.

In the age of AI, where it has become impossible to attribute the origin of information, the need for provenance cannot be overstated.

As the only provenance layer, Irys acts as a ledger of record for digital information, tracking the origins and modifications of data.

Irys is the only provenance layer Irys is the only provenance layer

Data on Irys is permanent, precise, and unconstrained. Irys gives data strong provenance, enabling Irys to be the only solution to the Provenance Trilemma.

The Irys protocol is a breakthrough technology that will be integral to restoring clarity and confidence in the authorship and authenticity of data. Irys will be key to adding accountability into information.

Irys solves the provenance trilemma Irys solves the provenance trilemma

Our new logo, too, is rooted in the idea of provenance.

As a fusion of timeless 60s design and modern minimalism, it embodies our unconstrained commitment to permanence and precision. Familiar yet new, it defies trends to stand as a symbol of our lasting impact in the digital age.

This logo serves as a symbol of the change we strive for and the direction we're heading in.

Irys logo white The Irys logo

We also have a new icon, which embodies the same style to form a simple, yet elegant, 👁️.

The Irys icon 👁️ The Irys icon 👁️

Irys principles

The principles by which Irys will be governed are an extension of our vision to be a witness for humanity. You can expect all future updates to the network to be congruent with these principles:

Irys’ network principles Irys’ network principles

Our commitment also extends to building public goods that reinforce these principles and is reflected in everything we’re releasing today.

Looking to the future

Renaming Bundlr to Irys is more than just a name change. It embodies our strategic direction and our promise to build a future in which data testifies its origin, making misinformation a tale of the past.

The evolution to Irys is emblematic of our new mission, vision, and network principles, which will serve as the heuristics upon which all our future strategic decisions will be based.

If you have any questions, need support building with Irys, or want to chat, our Discord is the best place to reach out. If you are ready to start building, check out our docs. If you want to go deeper and learn more about Irys, explore these other blog posts below:

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